Why choose natural, handmade soap?

Most commercially produced soaps are made with low cost oils and tallow (animal fat).  They can also contain synthetic detergents, artificial colors and scents and even petroleum products.  Glycerin is a byproduct of soap manufacture and acts as a humectant; this means that it brings moisture into itself.  Many companies remove all of this moisturizing glycerin from their soaps to be sold or used in other beauty products.  The removal of this glycerin means that commercial soaps can result in skin that feels dry and tight.  


In contrast, our natural soaps are made with high quality, hydrating oils and retain all of their glycerin.  This results in a product that leaves your skin feeling soft and healthy.  Only natural essential oils are used to scent our soaps and offer healing properties and skin benefits.  Any colors or exfoliants are also taken from natural sources such as fruits, vegetables, grains, herbs or nuts.


Skin is the largest organ in our body and can readily absorb substances.  We feel it is important that our soap contains only ingredients that contribute to overall health!  The choice sounds pretty simple to us.

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